LAUSAINT Pyramid Propane Heater 45,000BTU - Patio Propane Heater (glass tube only)
LAUSAINT Pyramid Propane Heater 45,000BTU - Patio Propane Heater (glass tube only)
LAUSAINT Pyramid Propane Heater 45,000BTU - Patio Propane Heater (glass tube only)
LAUSAINT Pyramid Propane Heater 45,000BTU - Patio Propane Heater (glass tube only)
LAUSAINT Pyramid Propane Heater 45,000BTU - Patio Propane Heater (glass tube only)

LAUSAINT Pyramid Propane Heater 45,000BTU - Patio Propane Heater (glass tube only)

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  • Compliant with CE and CSA standards and specifications.
  • Variable heat settings and a built-in adjustable control valve.
  • Uses standard 20 lb. Propane tank(Not included); Includes wheels for convenient transport or storage.
  • Assemble the patio heater following the guidance instruction within 5-10 minutes.
  • One-year warranty, free return, and exchange service

Even in the dead of winter, you can plan a party and set up a place to meet, but you'll need to buy a LAUSAINT PYRAMID PROPANE PATIO HEATER 45,000BTU. This 45.000 BTU Patio Propane Heater has the newest designs and comes with its own heating functions and ways to use it. The pyramid Patio Propane Heater uses propane to heat your patio. It has a clean look and is well-built. The elegant design of the Pyramid Propane Patio Heater makes it easy to move around. Also use it anywhere in your complex, including on your patio.


It is easy to fit into your garden or home decor because of how it looks. LAUSAINT PYRAMID PROPANE PATIO HEATER 45,000 BTU is a unique heater with a unique design that puts out the most heat. If the ventilation and clearance rules set by the manufacturer are followed, it can work in a covered space.

Sleek Design

The LAUSAINT PYRAMID PROPANE PATIO HEATER Patio Propane Heater has a modern look. These Pyramid heaters are beautiful, modern, and help to create a cozy-chic atmosphere, among other things. In contrast to patio heaters, pyramids add a lot of style to the environment and are safer than an open fire pit.

More heat is being made

A lot of heat is made by this type. These Patio Propane Heater or Pyramid Patio Propane Heaters are made to heat a large area. This is the main reason why you'll see them on restaurant patios, along with how nice they look.

As a lantern, it works twice as well.

Pyramid heaters are often used as lanterns. Part of the appeal of a pyramid heater is that it can keep a flame going on its own. Inside the vertical glass tube that runs through the fixture, the fire is dancing around. It makes the whole thing better by adding more light and stimulation to the senses.

Turn-on Turn-off East

You can turn them off whenever you want to. In contrast to fireplaces that burn wood, the burner on a Pyramid Propane Heater is easy to turn off when you're done. To put it out, you don't have to pour buckets of water on it or make sure that all the embers are covered.


There is no smoke coming from these Pyramid Propane Heaters. Pyramids are powered by gas, so you don't have to worry about smoke. You get a lot of the good things about a real fire without the smoke and smell. They are perfect for even the most sensitive of guests.


What it sounds like is a LAUSAINT PYRAMID PROPANE PATIO HEATER. They have a wide, strong base that curves up to give them stability that a regular patio heater doesn't have. About two-thirds of the way up from the bottom, the solid base changes into a grid-like shield. From here, the fire spreads.

If you've ever sat on a restaurant patio on a cool summer night, you've probably felt the warmth of a LAUSAINT PYRAMID PROPANE PATIO HEATER 45,000BTU. These extraordinary heaters keep the room warm and add layers of warmth that can't be questioned.

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Product Feature

Variable heat setting - 42,000 BTU's

87"H x 20.47"W

Cover zips open and closed with ease.

Anti-tilt safety device

Clear glass flame tube

Wheel assembly for easy mobility

Easy to install 20 lbs. LP gas tank (not included)

Pyramid Flame Gas Patio Heater

Premium 87 in. tall pyramid patio heater features a mesmerizing glass flame tube that is guaranteed to liven up the atmosphere.

The long-lasting stainless steel finish can give your outdoor space the upscale flare it deserves.

Pyramid Patio propane heater

the patio heater is equipped with a glass tube, which can activate the atmosphere and decorate your yard.

The 42000 BTU can keep you warm all night.

Also, the attached wheels can be easily move the heater to anywhere.

The variable heat setting allows you to adjust the temperature as your preferences.

More details

Electronic Ignition System: Reliable variable control knob makes it easy to adjust, pulse ignition devices to easily ignite it without any complicated operations.

Tank Storage: To operate the patio heater requires a standard 20-pound LPG barbecue tank (Not included).

Smooth-Rolling Wheels: Makes it easy to move.

Mesmerizing Glass Flame Tube :Quartz tubes display charming flames, adding decor to your yard.


You would need a standard 20 lb propane tank for this heater to function properly.

yes, the product itself looks gorgeous on its own and will fit right into your outdoor space.

The bottom of the pyramid heater is around 21 inches times 21 inches

The company would probably say no way.

The full tower size I would never risk that since it's not just a fire hazard in most homes due to celling clearance and combustible materials but you also run risks indoors of carbon monoxide build up.

Compliant with CE and CSA standards and specifications.Features a mesmerizing glass flame tube,produces an extremely high,true-rated 45,000 BTU output.

The outdoor pyramid heater has variable heat setting and built-in adjustable control valve allows you to adjust and regulate the temperature to meet your needs.

The auto shut-off tilt valve guarantees you the safety while using the heater.

Uses standard 20 lb Propane tank(Not included);Includes wheels for convenient transport or storage.

Assemble the patio heater following the guidance instruction within 5-10 minutes.

Pyramid heater cover included.

One year warranty, free return and exchange service, shipped from the United States, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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