How Do You Pick the Best Fire Pit Table Set for Your Backyard?

How Do You Pick the Best Fire Pit Table Set for Your Backyard?

There are few things more pleasurable than sitting around a fire pit table set with your family and friends and creating memories. Whether you're playing games, having a meal, or just conversing, a blazing fire adds to the ambiance and positive sensations. However, there are so many fire pit tables for outdoor space alternatives these days that making a decision might be tough. You can make a great choice at LAUSAINT.

How to Pick the Best Fire Pit Table

1) Make sure you're following local laws.

  • Check your local fire code and any rules that apply to open flames on your property before looking for a fire pit table.
  • For example, some localities limit the size of fire pit sets (including fire pit table sets) to particular dimensions (e.g., three feet long by three feet wide by two feet high).
  • Other localities prohibit the use of any open flame (even fire pit tables), regardless of whether or not you intend to cook on it.
  • Because restrictions change from town to town, it's usually a good idea to verify the fire code before purchasing to avoid getting into difficulty later.

2) Obtain the Appropriate Licenses

  • Local regulations may require you to register and receive a permit for yourfire pit table set before lighting the fire. Although such laws are uncommon, it's usually a good idea to double-check just in case.
  • Obtaining a construction permit for an extension onto the side of your home or a concrete patio out back is comparable to registering your fire pit table, and some counties may even need a site inspection to confirm that your position is safe.
  • Furthermore, although municipal ordinances may not limit the size of the fire pit, they may require extra safety precautions, such as raised walls of a specific depth, if the pit is larger than a certain diameter.
  • Similarly, if you're going to build a natural gas fire pit table, you may need to get permission to extend the gas line to the proper place.

3) Decide if you want it to be permanent or portable

  • Another thing to think about before starting your search for a fire pit table set is whether you want it to be permanent or movable.
  • Permanent fire pit tables are often more durable, produce a bigger flame, and can accommodate a greater number of people. These types are ideal for large patios and decks, as well as open backyards.
  • Portable patio furniture, on the other hand, is often smaller and lighter, produces a smaller flame, and may seat two to four people at once. These types are ideal for people with tiny balconies or who want the freedom to move their fire pit around every few days.
How Do You Pick the Best Fire Pit Table Set for Your Backyard

4) Decide where you want your fire pit table to go

  • It's crucial to choose a site for bigger fire pit tables before you purchase.
  • This will assist you in setting up the room for optimal pleasure. It may also assist you in determining where you should add landscaping or how to best organize your patio.
  • If you're having trouble visualizing how the fire pit table will fit in a certain place, fold a large box or tape some paper together in the desired form to act as the table's footprint. Then wiggle it about until you find a comfortable position.
  • Selecting a place for your new piece of furniture first can also assist you in determining the size, shape, and design that best suits your needs.
  • A fire pit table is the ideal focal point around which your family and friends can stay warm on chilly evenings while creating a lasting feeling of community.
  • Our patio furniture sets function as a cooking gadget, thanks to the reversible cast-iron griddle, stand, and splatter shield, so guests won't have to run back and forth from the kitchen to the yard! It's also built to distribute heat outward, so your visitors won't have to lean in to keep warm.

5) Determine the appropriate size and shape

  • After you've decided on a location for your fire pit table, you may choose a size and form that best suits your requirements.
  • If you're looking for a smaller, more portable replica to fit in the corner of an apartment balcony, consider a little chimney, half sphere, or cube.
  • If you're setting up a fire pit table in a large backyard, the size and design options are endless.

6) Select A Fire Pit Table Styles

  • The kind of fire pit table you choose has a lot to do with the function you want it to serve. Of course, you want it to be able to hold a flame, but do you also want to be able to use it as a grill in a fire pit?
  • Do you intend to organize huge gatherings? Or will you spend most of your time with your family? If the latter is the case, invest in a larger fire pit table to accommodate all of your friends. If you choose the latter, go for a smaller one so you don't feel too dispersed.
  • Selecting a style (as well as a function) for your patio furniture set can help you limit your options and locate the model that's right for you.

7) Think about the kind of material you'd want to use

  • Concrete, glass-reinforced concrete, steel, and stainless steel, as well as aluminum, copper, stone, and even wicker, are all used to create fire pit tables or patio dining sets.
  • Steel, aluminum, and stone, for example, are more durable and will survive for decades. Other materials, such as wicker and copper, are more delicate and may only endure a few years.
  • Having said that, this is a choice that is solely based on your tastes. If you like the appearance and feel of wicker but everyone else suggests stone, do what feels right to you. After all, you are the one.

8) Consider the kind of fuel

Typically, one of three forms of fuel are used in fire pit tables:

  1. Wood
  2. Propane
  3. Use of natural gas

Wood creates a lot of heat and a lot of flames, and it's a terrific alternative for individuals who live in the country and can pick up twigs, branches, and logs to burn.

Propane, often known as LP Gas, burns cleanly, leaving little to no ash or waste behind. It's easy to find — even at most petrol stations, retail shops, and hardware stores. You can effortlessly carry it from one location to another.

Some of the bigger, professionally constructed fire pit tables even use natural gas. This usually necessitates hiring a professional to connect a line from the natural gas main to your home, but the benefits are well worth the money, work, and time.

Natural gas, like propane, burns hot and cleanly and is very simple to ignite. It's also constantly accessible, so you don't have to stress about how long it'll take you to start the fire or run out of fuel during the party.

9) Do some research. The Price

  • When looking for a fire pit table, price is a significant consideration. Basic versions vary in price from about $100 to over $300, depending on the materials, size, and form.
  • Models built of high-quality materials like stone, concrete, aluminum, or steel may cost anywhere from $400 to $2,000 or more.
  • Custom and built-in models, as well as anything requiring extensive landscaping, might cost $5,000 or more.

10) Comply with all fire safety regulations

  • The region above the flame on a fire pit table may become rather hot. When looking for your ideal model, be sure to consider all fire safety precautions.
  • Keep your fire pit table a safe distance away from any flammable or molten things on all sides (such as plants, house siding, and deck railings).
  • It's also a good idea to check it up before setting your fire pit table. Even if the table is far enough away from your home, barn, or shed, many structures have eaves or tiny roofs on the sides. The heat from the flame may harm these components of your home if you're not cautious.
  • The heat from a fire pit table can damage even huge patio umbrellas. Make sure the area above the flame is free of anything that might be harmed by the heat once again.


You'll need something to sit on while you enjoy the warmth and chat, regardless of the size, shape, design, or placement of your fire pit table set. A fire pit table, like conventional fire pits, may be fashioned of a variety of materials depending on the design and choice. Fire tables may be made of concrete, pavers, or even metal-framed fire pits. Choose a material that complements your decor, but keep in mind that you may want to relocate your fire table at some point, and how heavy each of those materials is to transport. Trust LAUSAINT for quality products and best customer services.

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