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    Durable PE Rattan Weaving

    Integrates seamlessly with natural surroundings at an affordable price point.

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    UV and Water Resistant Fabric

    UV and water-resistant fabric that lasts, protecting against the elements.

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    Sturdy Multi-Process

    Use 20 multi-process metal pipes for a sturdy build that safely supports heavy loads.

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  • Healing Chic Collection

    The Healing Chic collection is inspired by the beautiful gardens and landscaping of Southeast Asian temples. We have carefully designed each piece to incorporate elements of healing, creating a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere in any outdoor space.

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  • Gentle Chic Collection

    The Gentle Chic collection draws inspiration from the idyllic coastal retreats of Western Europe, with a focus on comfort and style. Crafted with high-quality materials, including a sturdy triangle structure and advanced cantilever system, this collection blends the best of old-world charm and modern functionality.

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  • Modern Chic Collection

    The Modern Chic collection is inspired by the image of Brooklyn, New York city and its blend of classic and modern elements. The collection reflects a contemporary and industrial, simple yet energizing vibe that Brooklyn represents.

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  • Vibrant Chic Collection

    The Vibrant Chic collection is inspired by the idyllic village landscape of Tuscany, where people savor their days surrounded by loved ones and the beauty of nature. This collections brings a touch of rustic charm and vibrancy to your environment.

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What People Are Saying

I recently purchased this set of outdoor sectional sofa from the Vibrant Chic Collection, and I must say I'm very impressed with it. I've been using it for a while now, and it's held up well against different weather conditions, including a recent rainstorm that tested its waterproofing capabilities.


I was hesitant to buy the patio set online (I planned to buy it from BJs), but the price is reasonable compared to over $1k at the store. I read a lot of reviews before I placed the order, then picked this set. Overall, the patio set makes my back deck outstanding. I am pleased with the purchase.


I am well pleased with this outdoor sofa! The blue is very vibrant ! It is fairly light weight and the back cushions do blow off even though it’s under my porch! I do not know how well it will last since it is still new! So far so good!

Author's name

Overall, happy with the sturdiness and how well the pieces have held up (thus far). My only complaint are the cushions and cushion covers. Good luck getting them to stay in place with any sort of breeze or is someone nearby sneezes. Always putting them back in place, picking them off the ground, etc. Ideally, purchase a separate set of cushions to put on this sectional; something more heavy duty.

Author's name

When I first ordered the set, there was a mix up with the address, it was quickly resolved. I recieved my order in a few large boxes. The set was not difficult to put together, however the small allen wrench that was included to assemble it did a number on my hands. (Use an allen wrench drill attachment if you have one, to save your hands!) I am a 50+ woman and assembled it myself in an evening.

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