How to Restring a Patio Umbrella

How to Restring a Patio Umbrella?

Your patio umbrella offers shade. A garden umbrella protects from the sun's heat. Umbrellas can break down on occasion, usually due to a catastrophe in stringing process. If this happens, your outdoor umbrella will requisite a technique to restring a patio umbrella.

Terms Necessary to Know Before You Restring a Patio Umbrella

Patio umbrellas have a rounded canopy with a valance that hangs from the center. Like our market umbrellas, our home patio umbrellas include pop-up, pulley, or crank umbrella opening systems with optional tilt.


Aluminum or fiberglass poles with steel or fiberglass ribs are available for residential and business patio umbrellas. The handcrafted patio umbrellas will last for years, whether on your restaurant patio or beside the pool.

Because of their strength and tenacity in windy conditions, our fiberglass umbrellas are among our best-selling items at Umbrella Source. Fiberglass, which is commonly used in fishing poles and boats, is a versatile, non-corrosive material suitable for making umbrella frames.

In windy conditions, fiberglass umbrella frames are extremely wind resistant and less prone to damage when they bend and flex. These frames are exceptionally sturdy and lightweight, making them ideal for coastal or commercial situations.

How to Restring a Patio Umbrella

Patio Umbrella Rib

The most popular umbrella frame is made of aluminum with fiberglass. Heavy-duty yet lightweight aluminum poles with flexible fiberglass ribs make up these structures.

The aluminum and fiberglass frames are appropriate for household use and commercial application in windy locations like pools and seaside resorts.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Frame with Aluminum Ribs: The commercial lighted patio umbrellas frame is high-quality, heavy-duty aluminum. These frames have a thick metal umbrella support pole and long-lasting aluminum ribs with a silver powder coating for added corrosion resistance.

Aluminum Frame with Steel Ribs: Aluminum frame umbrellas are our most cost-effective umbrellas. These umbrella frames are best suited for domestic use because they are lightweight and have durable aluminum poles and steel ribs.

The wood umbrella frames have steel ribs and are made of genuine hardwood. The most cost-effective of all the wood frames, these are ideal for beach umbrellas. These umbrella frames are manufactured with sturdy hardwood poles and fiberglass umbrella ribs attached, offering them extra flexibility in high-wind circumstances.


The umbrella is locked open or closed by a flat spring near bottom of the shaft and another just below the point where stretchers are fully extended. The runner crosses it and comes to a complete stop just above the umbrella's handle. The runner is opened and locked by the spring, which keeps the umbrella closed neatly.


A rope tied to a pulley system is used to open a pulley system. The pulley is hooked to the umbrella frame's top hub.


Near the top of the frame is a spring-latch button or catch for the pop-up opening system. The latch springs out and locks into place when the umbrella is pushed open, keeping the umbrella open.


A handle fix leaning umbrella pole to open and close the umbrella in a crank opening mechanism. These are not advised for commercial use, despite their ease of use.

Method 1: How to Restring a Patio Umbrella?

It is a simple to restring a patio umbrella at home with a drill, hammer, and a few nuts and bolts. Test the umbrella by attaching the fixed rib to it.

Prepare for the repair by manually opening the patio or table umbrella canopy if necessary. Make the wire coat hanger straight.

Cut and discard the twisted segment of wire around the hanger's neck. Using needle-nose pliers, bend one end of the hanger into a bit of hook.

Insert one end of the new string into the hanger's hook with needle-nose pliers, firmly compressing the string into the hook.

One end of the new string should be inserted into the hanger's hook, and the string should be compressed tightly into the hook with needle-nose pliers.

Down the inside of the pole, run the hanger. With needle-nose pliers, pull the string off the hanger and out of the access hole, which is midway between the pulley and the crank.

Remove the hanger from the hook. Remove the nut and bolt from the crank with an open-end adjustable wrench. Using the pliers, squeeze the end of the string into the hanger hook once more.

Place the hanger's string end into the access hole. Bring the hanger down to the hole where the crank is installed. With the needle-nose pliers, remove the string from the hanger.

Pull the string through the crank axle hole in the hollow umbrella tube pull. Check that all pieces of the crank assembly on the crank side are in place around the crank axle.

Pass the string through the hole in the axle's center. Make a tight double knot at the end of the string.

Put the knotted end of the string through the crank axle hole in the pole. With the needle-nose pliers, remove the string from the hanger.

Put the knotted end of the string through the crank axle hole in the pole. In the hole in the pole, place the crank axle. Tighten the bolt and nut to reassemble the crankcase. Overtightening can damage both the crank and the pole tubing, so be careful.

Pass the exposed end of the string through the pulley and down the pole's exterior. Pass the end of the thread through the hole in the yoke that holds the umbrella canopy in place. Make a secure double knot at the end of the string.

Tighten the bolt and nut. Pass the exposed end of the string through the pulley and down the pole's exterior. Manually close the umbrella canopy by gently pulling down on the yoke. To wound the string first and open the umbrella, turn the crank slowly and gently.

Before you begin the repair process, you should remove the fabric to work just with the skeleton, which will make the job much easier. To do so, unscrew and remove the finial at the top. Then start ripping the fabric around the skeleton away from the ribs.

The cloth will have pockets into which ribs are adjusted. Pull the fabric outside until the ribs are free from the pocket.

Repeat for all ribs until the material is entirely free of the skeleton, except the ties. Each of the ribs will have ties that you must untie, and the cloth should now be freed from the frame.

Method 2- How to Restring a Patio Umbrella?

This Step wise project to restring a patio umbrella is easy to accomplish on your own. Always read and follow the umbrella's manufacturer's instructions.

Step 1

Using pliers, separate the patio umbrella pole from the pivot by removing the pin that links them. You may be able to detach the pole in a variety of ways depending on the design of your patio umbrella. For more information, consult the instructions that came with your patio umbrella.

Step 2

Examine your umbrella's winding mechanism or consult the manufacturer's instructions. Pry the umbrella's top and bottom retaining rings loose with a putty knife or a screwdriver.

Step 3

After removing the rings, remove one side of the housing. With a flat head screwdriver, remove the nut connecting to the winding bold. On the other side, remove the handle as well as the casing.

Step 4

Close the umbrella and tie a fresh chord to the broken cord's end. Insert a grabber pickup tool into the pole and hold the cord to draw the cable through the pole and the pulley at the top.

Step 5

With scissors, cut the other end of the cable linked to the umbrella ring. Return the fresh cord to the lift ring by pulling it back through the pole and tying it out to the previous cord.

Step 6

Using the pickup grab tool, pull the cord out of the hole, leaving eight inches of cord to work with. With scissors, cut the cord and tie just little knot on the umbrella crank. To prevent fraying, light a match and place it to the cord's end to fuse the ends.

Step 7

Putting the knot in the holes and the crank bolt in a spot where you can compress the nut with the pliers, tighten the nut.

Step 8

Using the screwdriver, reassemble the other side of the housing and replace the umbrella string (replacing or reusing rings).


In fact it is tricky but easy to restring a patio umbrella. The rope and some elements of the crank mechanism are being replaced as part of the repair. It is still the most significant impediment to this intervention: If the cord is just damaged, no problem; you can buy a string easily as a sweet patio umbrella accessory.

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