What Size Patio Umbrella do I Need

What Size Patio Umbrella do I Need?

The first thing to consider is the overall space you'll be using for the umbrella. How much space do you have, how much do you want an outdoor umbrella to cover? It will dominate the area and appear out of proportion if it is too large. It simply won't perform the job if it's too small. Take another look at the area where your umbrella will be placed and the furnishings you'll be using it with before you purchase. Take some quick measurements and then determine what size patio umbrella do i need?

What’s Your Entire Patio Area?

There are a few factors to keep in mind when it comes to outdoor umbrella sizes.

If you have a little area, you may want to cover as much of it as possible with an umbrella, but you may want to cover a small portion of it if you have a wider area. Maybe you only want some shade where the kids like to play, or perhaps you want a cover over the eating area.

Perhaps two smaller umbrellas might be more functional than one larger umbrella with umbrella frame, for example, to shelter sun chairs on a pool deck. Consider the sort of umbrella you want; offset base cantilever umbrellas can provide uninterrupted shade below the canopy; make sure you have enough place to sit the base.

Before you go Shopping, Decide on the Items!

The umbrella style and size of your outdoor table are pretty essential when it comes to patio umbrellas. Many people choose to use an outdoor umbrella to completely shade all of their guests while seated at the table, which is a fantastic idea.

In the summer heat, eating or drinking under the shade of an umbrella is a lot more pleasant experience. The majority of people opt for an free standing umbrellas that match the shape of their table, which is always more appealing to the eye. A free standing umbrella square umbrella appears awkward with a round table, while round umbrella looks odd with a rectangle table. However, the most crucial factor is the size.

Don't be too Picky about the Size of your Outdoor Umbrella!

Your umbrella should be two feet (or 61cm) longer than your table on each side. If your square table is five feet long, you'll need an umbrella that's at least nine feet long.

Going up to the following average umbrella size is advisable rather than down with the standard umbrella sizes available. For example, finding an 8-foot umbrella for a 48-inch table may be tough, so opt for the 9-foot umbrella instead.

  1. Size for Shaded Outdoor Lounge

Placing an outside umbrella over a lounge area has become a popular choice for many homes. You want to enjoy your seating area at all times of the day, so sun protection is essential.

However, measuring table umbrellas for a seating area is more involved than simply counting a table, so do your research before shopping for a best patio umbrella.

The size of a single piece of furniture and the entire lounge setting area should be measured. Consider it more of a "zone."

You must include the entire area where people congregate - the chairs and dining table, the smaller table, and, if available, add rugs and floor cushions! Before you get the tape measure out, take a step back and look at your entire lounging area.

When picking next patio umbrella sizes for your patio area, be as generous as possible. The broader the umbrella, the greater the coverage of your zone. You won't regret getting a large umbrella, but you could regret ordering one too tiny for your reclining area.

  1. Size for Lawn Umbrella

Choosing the correct size outdoor umbrella for your lawn can be challenging. You'll need to consider what area you want to cover and take precise measurements. Perhaps two smaller umbrellas are better than one larger umbrella?

To avoid your umbrella dominating the entire zone, think about the whole outside space first.

If you wish to cover an outdoor table, pay attention to its shape and size and choose an umbrella with at least two feet on each side. Consider the entire lounging zone when selecting an umbrella for a lounge area, and try to cover as much of it as possible.

Allow space for the base and pole when picking a cantilever umbrella, and consider where they would be best placed. The pole should be facing the sunset to produce the best afternoon shade.

You'll be more likely to make the best decision and guarantee that all of your visitors are covered adequately while enjoying your outdoor space to the fullest.

  1. Size for Commercial Umbrellas

Commercial-grade outdoor umbrellas are one of the most cost-effective outdoor shade options. Unlike a regular patio umbrella, these umbrella coverings become a permanent presence in your environment. Furthermore, a single unit may cover up to 575 square feet of space, which is nearly the size of a typical three-car garage! The size of the umbrella you'll need is a vital aspect of the buying process, but you won't have to do it alone due to our network of certified partners.

The size of umbrella you need for your space is determined by what you want to achieve, the umbrella design you want for your environment, and your budget. Continue reading to determine what size commercial umbrella you should think about for your space. We'll walk you through the stages and questions we ask when purchasing an umbrella.

There are many different commercial umbrella models to choose. There are specific umbrella types for each place based on where the umbrella will be installed and what it will be used for. For example, if you wish to shade people sunbathing by the pool, a cantilever umbrella with uninterrupted water views is a good choice.

A dual-column umbrella is a way to go if you want to cover a seat or a single table. Similarly, a single post or tilting patio umbrella might be ideal if you need a splash pad umbrella.

Determine your budget after determining the size of the area you want to shade and the type of umbrella you desire. You'll be able to decide on the largest shade structure you can buy in your umbrella type while staying within your budget after you know your budget.

Do You Want A Tip?

When they are priced for your location, they consider both the entire dimensions and the height of your umbrella structure. If you want the most bang for your budget, go with the shortest height (like our 8' height) that still leaves enough clearance for the furniture or equipment you're shade underneath.

If your shade umbrella is used in an unsupervised public location, such as a public park, we recommend choosing a taller height to avoid vandalism to the shade's cloth canopy.

After you've decided on the type of patio umbrella you want, the following step determines the size and shape. If your patio umbrella is too tiny, it will not give adequate sun and weather protection.

To establish the canopy diameter, consider the space required for chairs, and add two to three feet to each side to create the appropriate amount of shade. It would help if you also thought about any other items you want to protect, such as carpets, plants, or other furniture.

The shape of the table or space you wish to cover, any physical limits, and your aesthetic taste all play a role in determining the condition of your umbrella canopy. For symmetrical settings, square canopies may seem like a logical solution. They can complement a modern decor style by offering maximum shade while maintaining a balanced, elegant, and streamlined appearance.

Slim patios or balconies may require narrower options. Rectangle or longer oval tables are generally well-matched with a rectangular-shaped patio umbrella, and slim patios or balconies may require more limited options. A round patio umbrella is also a terrific alternative for a circular table or area.

Rounded canopies can reflect the contour, producing a warm and inviting environment that is especially well-suited to the classic design.


Remember that depending on the size of the space you want to shelter or if there are various areas to consider, you may benefit from multiple umbrellas rather than just one.

Ask the consultants at Lausiant before choosing a specific size and form. Our umbrellas for patio are available in various sizes, styles, designs, and colors. The ideal patio umbrella for you is determined by your demands and the kind you want to go with. We're professionals in patio design and shade, and we can assist you in deciding which choice is best for your outdoor space.


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