Benefits of a Cantilever Umbrella Rental Features for Events

Benefits of a Cantilever Umbrella Rental Features for Events

Warm summer weather makes it possible to spend maximum time outdoors. Therefore, many are trying to create a summer playground where they need to celebrate the event. The most important thing is to create a zone in it, which will be designed for rest and relaxation, active pastime. The site should be as comfortable as possible in order to enjoy the rest and feel peace. In the lounge area, you can relax, have a conversation with friends or enjoy a light dinner, or even organize an entire event.

With the company "Tent rent" it is possible to organize any place on earth correctly. Events are one of the types of recreation in the warm season. In order to acquire everything you need, you need to use the service of renting furniture, tents, a cantilever umbrella. A wide range of companies will allow you to choose the best option.

Why a cantilever umbrella?

The highlight of the summer terrace and celebration area can be a good cover that will protect against bad weather or leaves falling from trees. Someone uses special tents, and someone sets up huge outdoor umbrellas. In conventional umbrellas, the mount is inside. The leg sometimes takes up quite a lot of space, reducing the space for rest. That is why the designers came up with a cantilever umbrella.


This outdoor product is equipped with a beautiful design. The advantage of a cantilever umbrella is its multifunctional properties. A feature of this design creation is the holder, which is located not inside, but outside. As a result, the umbrella is hung on the console as a dome. Thanks to this, the recreation area is expanding. Now in the very center there will be not an umbrella leg, but a place for hanging out.

This design has many advantages:

  • Console umbrellas have an original and interesting shape and design, different sizes and a rich palette of colors.
  • Due to the durable and high-quality material, the umbrella is reliable and wear-resistant.
  • For the manufacture of umbrellas, a water-repellent acrylic fabric is often used, which will perfectly protect the terrace from water and dirt.
  • Some products even have side curtains that protect vacationers from the wind. When not needed, the curtains are twisted to the base of the umbrella.

Models of umbrellas with built-in lamps are considered the most popular. They allow you to relax on the terrace in the evening and at night, which is very important for those companies that organize a private party. LED lamps are solar-powered, so no cords will interfere. Neat soft lighting will perfectly illuminate the terrace even in the darkest time.




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