Open and Closed Gazebos: Which One to Choose for a Summer Residence?

Open and Closed Gazebos: Which One to Choose for a Summer Residence?

A gazebo is an unconditional decoration of any summer cottage. Sometimes one such small element of the landscape as a garden pavilion, a barbecue area or a stylish glass carport is enough to give the entire architectural and garden ensemble of your country estate a unique look and completeness. Garden arbors are distinguished by the greatest variety of shapes, styles and uses.

In addition, country gazebos are collapsible and stationary, summer and suitable for any season, combined with kitchens, barbecues and dining rooms, with and without a foundation, protected by mosquito nets from mosquitoes, glazed and even heated. But, perhaps, the main thing is the division of all gazebos into two main types - open and closed. And choosing one of them, you need to take into account everything - the purpose, the form, the material, and much more.

Advantages and disadvantages of open gazebos

Open - a classic type of gazebo, which is a roof on several supporting pillars and a harness made of various materials. The foundation is recommended to equip mainly for heavy structures made of stone, brick or thick logs. In all other cases, well-fortified pillars in the ground are sufficient. Sheathing the space between the supports can be at any height and with any materials - openwork gratings, boards, plywood. You can use climbing plants, curtains and even glass.

The traditional type of open gazebo is a pavilion, closed on three sides and open on the fourth. Inside, a table and benches along the perimeter were considered a mandatory attribute. Over time, compliance with these rules has lost its relevance, and now complete freedom reigns in this matter. They built fully open gazebos on high places, from where one could admire the picturesque surroundings. As a rule, these were rotundas with columns and a domed roof. Such a building was called a belvedere. Of a completely different type were semi-closed pavilions in the depths of the gardens or on the seashore, in which one could not only relax, but also sleep in the fresh air. Many people remember pavilions of this type in children's summer camps and sanatoriums. Well, the most favorite type of gazebo is a place for feasts with barbecue and barbecue facilities.

Whatever type of outdoor gazebo you choose, they all have a number of common advantages and disadvantages. Their undoubted advantages:

  • Due to the huge variety of sizes, styles and materials, an open gazebo can be matched to any country house and plot, even the smallest and non-standard shape.
  • This is the most budget option for a gazebo. You can even build it with your own hands from improvised materials.
  • Being in it, you are practically in no way separated from nature.
  • For light options, you can not make a foundation.
  • It perfectly protects from the sun and rain in warm weather.
  • A prefabricated type of open gazebo is a real find for lovers of a change of scenery.

The main disadvantage of open gazebos is that they are still summer buildings. Their protective capabilities are very limited - neither from the cold, nor from the wind, nor from dust or insects, they will save you. Yes, they have a different purpose.

Pros and cons of closed gazebos

Quite another matter - gazebos of a closed type. Here, in everything that concerns comfort, there are much more opportunities. These are actually small garden houses in one room, the fundamentality of which depends only on your desire and financial capabilities.

Main advantages:

  • The ability to fully protect yourself from the vagaries of the weather at any time of the year.
  • A wider choice of furnishings and decor - from furniture with electronics to carpets and paintings.
  • Possibility to organize heating.
  • The ability to use them as full-fledged kitchens and dining rooms all year round.

There are also disadvantages:

  • Higher price.
  • The need for laying the foundation.
  • More serious requirements for the site.
  • The absence of a special unity with nature, characteristic of open-type buildings.

Obviously, the purpose of the two types of arbors is completely different. Therefore, before making a choice, you just need to understand what you expect from a future gazebo. If you dream of eating, sleeping, having conversations and admiring the stars, sitting among trees and flowers, then your type is an open gazebo. When most of all you value coziness, warmth, comfort and urban amenities, and you are ready to look at nature through an open window, then the closed type will surely suit you more.



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